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Educational power supply
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Product Code:  
Type: CP4A
Quality: This product features a novel desigh, stable performance, nice-looking style, may be easily connected to the various apparatuses and instruments in school & labs. High efficient,and low power consumption.
Input Voltage: AC220V \10% 50Hz
Output: AC0V 1V 2V 3V 4V 5V 6V 7V 8V 9V 10V 11V 12V 13V
   DC0V 1V 2V 3V 4V 5V 6V 7V 8V 9V 10V 11V 12V 13V
Output Accuracy: 0.5%
Auto-overcurrent protection
Type Output Current External Package Size Weight Qty Per.Carton
CP4A 4A 50.5*48.0*20.0cm 16Kg 4PCS/CTN
CP6A 6A 50.5*48.0*20.0cm 17Kg 4PCS/CTN
CP8A 8A 50.5*48.0*20.0cm 18Kg 4PCS/CTN
CP10A 10A 50.5*48.0*20.0cm 19Kg 4PCS/CTN