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Fax auto UPS
Product Photo
  Product Information  
Product Code:  
Type: GS1798
Specs: The Rated capacity     220VA
Input Voltage        220V?0%
Output Voltage       220V?%
Inverter Output Voltage  220V?%
Extermal Package Size   50.5*46.5*14.0cm
N.W./G.W          12/13Kg
Qty Per Carton       1PCS/CTN
Description: This product features a nice-looking style,logic structure ,high sensitivity, Designed as a background power source against the sudden interruption of the net power so as to avoid the interruption of the fax communication. The fax machine can still send and receive over 40-50 pages of message when the net power stops .An indispensable power source for fax machine and other office units.